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Open Enrollment begins November 1st and you will only have until January 31st to enroll in healthcare. This is the only time that you can buy or change your health insurance plans throughout the year, unless you have a qualifying life event, such as moving, divorce, or losing group coverage.

Health Insurance

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Health insurance provides medical coverage or loss of income resulting from injury or illness. With the recent change in Health Insurance it is best advised to discuss your insurance options and individual needs before selecting a plan. Let Juniper fix you up with the right plan, with ease.

Long-term care
Medicare supplement

Insurance Services

Business Insurance

Whether you’re a start-up or established firm let us help protect and secure your business today.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Protecting your hard work and equipment with a dependable Farm & Ranch policy.

Home & Auto Insurance

Insurance for your home and auto to cover accidents and damage.

Life & Health Insurance

Life and Health insurance provides financial security for you and your loved ones.

Recent News

How do you determine the Coverage A, Dwelling coverage amount?

There are several ways to value your home and property. There is the appraisal, that takes in to account much more than just the dwelling. It is affected heavily by the current real estate market. There is the tax assessed value. These can be found for Deschutes...

Don’t hire that unlicensed contractor!

While it might be tempting, either because of cost or scheduling, to hire an unlicensed contractor. The results can be disastrous. Obviously, you know that the person doesn’t have insurance or bonding, and if something goes wrong, you’re likely going to be paying out...

Liability coverage. It’s right in the name!

When people ask about liability coverage, many times they ask, “does this cover me for EVERYTHING”? Well first of all, no insurance covers you for everything! But what is really important to understand, is that there must be liability, you must be liable in order for...