Last year I watched a family struggle after the primary (and only) breadwinner suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack and passed away. His wife, who has been totally dependent upon him, was left with no income, she had no driver’s license, she couldn’t even drive herself to get groceries. His 2 adult Children, who were trying to make ends meet to support their own families were then obligated to step in to help. A year later, they are all still struggling. The hospital bills were astronomical, for the few days he was admitted. And even though health insurance picked up much of it, there were still large out of pocket costs.

Your situation might not be quite the same, but if you have a spouse or kids, I ask you to take a moment to think about what their life would be like if you were to suddenly pass away.

~Could your family cover the hospital (or other) costs?
~The average cost of a funeral is $7000-$10,000 in the US.
~Could they pay the mortgage?
~Could all of the bills be met each month? Car payments, utility payments, groceries, health insurance etc?
~Could your Spouse carry on saving for or paying for college educations for the kids?
~Would your spouse be able to take any time off from work to grieve? (Without worrying about a paycheck)
~Some people want to leave a legacy to their children, and life insurance policies achieve that.

****Even if you already have life insurance, is it enough to cover your current lifestyle?**** It might be time to apply for more.

Life insurance can seem complicated…
There are lots of options out there, but I try to keep it simple! The sooner you buy the less expensive it is. I am a fan of the TERM policies (which are also the least expensive), and guarantee a payout for a certain number of years. These seem to work well with a solid long term financial plan. We can discuss which face value and term length are right for you and your family.

It may be less expensive than you think…
A healthy, non-tobacco using, 35-year-old man is around $40 a month for 10 year term with $500,000 face value! (A 40-year-old female is around $35). If you don’t want to spend quite that much, a $200,000 face value, for 10 years is around $20 for a male, (female $18).

Here is a helpful calculator that can help you determine how much you need:

I have access to over 100 companies. I know my prices and products are the most competitive. And applying with most of them is all online, no long paper applications. The whole process can be completed and your policy issued in a couple of weeks.

Call or email with questions, for quotes, and to apply!