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Changing communities mean changing insurance

Recently a client was asking about some rate increases on his Bend, Oregon home, auto and umbrella insurance policies. I went through all of the usual reasons, but it also dawned on me that part of this conversation has too become about changes in our Central Oregon communities. Bend in particular has changed dramatically over the last several years. And people can have different behaviors in different areas. Like driving fast… With an influx of new residents, to Central Oregon, the streets have changed. We’re hearing about more accidents, and more severe accidents. Just the other day I saw an article about a roll over accident in Northwest Crossing. I was thinking, isn’t that entire area 25 or 35 mph? How does that happen?!

Another thing to consider…with every new brewery, pub, or marijuana shop, it potentially increases the number of accidents and claims due to intoxication.

Insurance rates are derived by zip code. When an area has an increase in accidents or claims, insurance rates are likely to climb. I see the changing landscape of communities having an impact on insurance rates and policies for a long time to come. We are happy to discuss further when you come in for a quote or review!

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