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Don’t hire that unlicensed contractor!

While it might be tempting, either because of cost or scheduling, to hire an unlicensed contractor. The results can be disastrous. Obviously, you know that the person doesn’t have insurance or bonding, and if something goes wrong, you’re likely going to be paying out of pocket. You might be tempted to try and file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, but you will be sorely disappointed in the outcome. Insurance companies won’t pay for willful actions like hiring an unlicensed contractor or neglecting repairs on your home. If you hire a contractor, you can check a license at the Oregon CCB website and also, check with COBA Central Oregon Builders Association

I also want to add…If there is any question, you should also be asking Professionals that you hire if they carry Professional Liability insurance (also known as E & O). This includes, Bookkeepers & Accountants, Attorney’s, IT companies, Consultants etc…

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