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Don’t shop on price and lose sight of coverage.

The big insurance companies like to advertise “15 minutes can save you 15%”, or “call us to save $732”. They advertise PRICE and totally disregard coverages. And this drives consumers to shop the same way. When a carrier advertises that “you should’ve bought our insurance instead of theirs because they didn’t cover you”, it is inevitably about a coverage that can be bought from nearly every carrier, but some people choose not to, because they are price shopping. For instance, some people choose not to buy water/sewer coverage because it’s $40 a year. That’s ok, but then you don’t have the coverage! At Juniper Insurance in Bend, Oregon, we place much more consideration on appropriate coverage. When you are presented a quote, it is with the best coverages available like personal injury (libel, slander etc), replacement cost personal property, Identity theft recovery protection and more. There are also several options you can choose from like Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts, rental car reimbursement, loan gap coverages and many more options. Be a smart consumer and sit down with your independent insurance agent and ask about all of the coverages available from each carrier, and find what best suits your needs. Sure, you could get online and shop different carriers until you’re cross eyed. But you’re better off letting the professional do their job and listen to the suggestions they have. After all, they do have the expertise and do this every day. We are always happy to sit down with you and show you your options!

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