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Not all water damage is created equal

Most people know that like Earthquake insurance, Flood insurance is not included in a homeowner’s policy. Flood polices can be obtained through a separate policy. Most people who aren’t in a flood prone area don’t think they need it. Let’s identify what a “Flood” is. A flood is rising waters from the outside, entering the house. That can be from a river, broken sprinkler pipe, heavy rains, melting snow or any other way that water might gather near an entry point and get in the house.

Then there’s “Water” damage. Water from leaking washing machine hoses, toilets, overfilled bath tubs etc, and those are generally covered under the homeowner’s policy.

Finally, we have “Water and sewer back up. If a sewer system backs up in to the house, you would want this coverage! Several years ago we saw this in Bend, when a City sewer line broke and caused damage to surrounding homes, there was turmoil around who was responsible. The City? A contractor? In any event, you will want the coverage on your homeowner’s policy to begin clean up while liability is being determined. Give us a call if you have questions or would like a Flood quote!

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