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Should I file a claim?

When you have a loss, this is a good time to get in touch with your agent. I think it’s a mistake for people to rush and call their insurance carriers before evaluating the situation. The first consideration is, what is the deductible. Many claims end up being less than or only slightly more than the deductible. If it’s more than the deductible, it’s worth considering HOW much more. Your rates could increase for 3 years after a claim, so you want to evaluate which would end up costing you more. If you have a liability claim, I don’t advise waiting to call the carrier. You want to make your carrier aware of any liability claims as early as possible. You also want to consider your history. Carriers have cancelled policies for as little as 2 claims. I’ve seen them cancel policies for several small claims too. Carriers will look at your history and try to identify habits. Filing several small claims over a 3 year period can actually be worse than filing a large claim because of the pattern. Insurance is best used for large losses. Give our office a call to discuss!

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