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When can I drop comp and collision?

Many times, when counseling a new client on coverages, the question is asked “do I really need comprehensive and collision coverage”? My answer is this… if you can easily afford to write a check to replace a totaled vehicle, then you may want to go without it. Of course, if you have a loan on the vehicle, your loan will require that you carry comprehensive and collision. Sometimes people forget about all of the things that comprehensive can cover. Also referred to as “other than collision”. In Bend, and throughout Central Oregon we’ve seen pack rats chewing up wiring, plenty of hit deer,(while you might think this would be covered under collision, it’s actually comprehensive) but also things like spilled paint in the back seat, broken glass and fire are just some of the things covered under comprehensive. If you’re going to have a vehicle parked, and not on the roads for a period of time, you might be tempted to take all insurance coverage off but for just a few dollars a year you could keep comprehensive only on it. And another common misconception is that if a vehicle is in a garage and damaged while in the garage (think fire or garage collapse), that the homeowners insurance would cover it, but that’s not the case. If you want coverage for the vehicle, you’d have to have it on an auto insurance policy. Give us a call to discuss before removing all coverages.

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